Reasons why people gamble – What’s the demographic?

Global revenue from gambling in the casino is estimated to be 150+ billion, this figure is annually increasing every year. Many people across the globe love gambling activities, people can gamble in the casino itself or through various websites. By gambling through different websites and companies, you will find a huge selection of odds.

Millions of players around the world are registered to non Gamstop casinos, many people online have been searching for ways to play their favourite casino game. Each of the sites listed shown on our website allows UK players to deposit and withdraw using simple banking methods, as well as provide responsive customer service and big introductory bonuses.

This infographic focuses on the reasons why people gamble and also shows you the general population between men and women and the age range that take part in casino games. From this infographic, you can clearly see that more men participate and gamble in the casino’s more than women do, on that note, men are more likely to pool more money into betting than women. However, women bet with a little amount of money and enjoy the excitement of playing casinos and watching how it plays out. The females play it safer, this is why women manage their money for bets more than men ever do.

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