The Meteoric Rise of Online Gambling

Gambling has always been a popular pastime enjoyed by scores of people. It is seen as a fun way to win money and many people make nights out of it in hopes of scoring big. Traditionally, those that wanted to gamble travel down to their local casino and play there, but the development of technology has led to the rise of online gambling. As a result of this, land-based casinos are seeing a decline as people begin to realise it is much easier to play the games they want at home rather than going out to take part in them. Only the diehard faithful and the unmodernised choose to continue walking through their favourite casino’s doors. But why has online gambling soared so much in recent years?

In a 2020 survey taken by the UK Gambling Commission, it found that remote gambling is the largest industry sector, generating a gross gambling yield of £5.7 billion. It is clear to see that online gambling is growing in popularity, and one factor that could be attributed to its growth is convenience. This is a philosophy that is highly desirable in the modern world. Convenience takes the stress out of daily life and often increases efficiency, which is why businesses try to incorporate the aspect as much as possible. When people can access their favourite casino games by reaching into their pocket and clicking a few times, the best options are available at Casino Genie, it makes sense why they would opt to do exactly that compared to travelling to the casino.

Another reason for the growth of online gambling is reduced costs. As online sportsbooks operate at lower margins considering they do not have to maintain a building or have near as many employees, they can pass the saving on to customers, incentivising them to bet online instead of going to a brick-and-mortar shop. Further, the cost of travelling to these casinos and betting shops are rendered to zero as gamblers can access games and deals from the comfort of their own home. Casinos will also make up a chunk of their revenue by serving drinks and food items in addition to travel expenses and playing expenses. When the cost of travelling to a casino is compared to playing online, the choice is clear as night and day.

The process of gambling becoming digitalised has many beneficial effects for gambling companies and the public. The main advantage of this process is that payments are now more secure. Much of the industry is heavily regulated and security technology has been improving, so players can be safe in the knowledge that nothing will happen to their funds. This is compared to the horror stories that have come out where some casinos practice fraud and other unscrupulous activities such as ridiculously unfair odds.

Online gambling has seen huge growth over recent years, and the recent lockdowns would only have exacerbated that development. There is no doubt that the gambling industry is here to stay, and its future is digital.

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