Essential Tools for Serious Poker Players

Poker tools are essential to anyone serious about improving their game. From GTO solvers and HUDs (heads-up displays), these software programs assist players in pinpointing leaks in their strategy and making more informed decisions when sitting down at the table.

While these poker tools provide invaluable statistical analysis, they cannot replace instinct and experience. When used properly however, they can significantly enhance your game.

PIO Solver

Piosolver is a poker solver software designed to teach users game theory optimal strategies for heads-up no-limit hold’em spots. While this software cannot guarantee you instant success at playing poker, it can help improve your understanding of the game while giving an edge against opponents.

Professional players use this software worldwide to quickly assess how to play specific situations and as an invaluable tool for studying the game. Many poker training sites also incorporate it into their videos.

While complicated to use, poker simulation software can be extremely valuable. It provides players with complete solutions for every preflop scenario they may face and converts these solutions into hand histories that work with other poker software packages. Ultimately, investing in such a product depends on your commitment level and willingness to study away from the table.


Evernote is an all-in-one notetaking application designed for computers, smartphones and tablets. It provides a high-class organizational system with three layers and powerful search functionality as well as the capability to attach internal notes with external content – and includes a web clipper to save text, images and documents directly into Evernote.

This application integrates seamlessly with many online services, such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Teams – one of its key strengths. Furthermore, IFTTT and Zapier compatibility allows you to connect apps that don’t support each other natively.

Track your progress is another key feature of the app, and especially useful when trying to form new habits. Tracking will keep your goal goals in sight while motivating you toward daily practice of new practices. Furthermore, this app serves as a reminder for developing healthy routines!


Trello is an efficient tool designed to make organizing tasks and projects simpler. With features like automation rules and Power-Ups that streamline processes, this powerful software offers more capabilities than it otherwise would provide.

Set an automation rule to allow Butler to automatically assign due dates based on content within cards. For instance, if a task specifies that it must be completed before Friday at 10 am, Butler will automatically set its due date as such.

Trello offers a free plan with unlimited boards, lists and file attachments – perfect for personal or small side projects – but does have certain restrictions such as limited automated command runs and a 10MB file attachment limit.

Additionally, the service encrypts data during transit and storage as well as performing weekly vulnerability scans. Furthermore, email and community forum support is also offered.


PokerSnowie is an innovative artificial intelligence poker software that assists players in improving their No Limit Hold’em game. Its intuitive graphical user interface offers an effective means of analyzing your game and pinpointing any costly leaks; furthermore it offers tools for helping you balance out play to prevent other players exploiting you; it even comes with three annual plans: Starter, Intermediate, and Professional for added support and learning tools.

The software includes a training feature that enables you to play against an AI in cash games or freezeouts. You can select your number of players and stakes before receiving real-time and post-game analysis of their performance. Furthermore, this software lets you compare hands by Moves, Errors and Blunders; its “Balance” page can help identify weak, medium and strong hands as well as error counts per street – Pre Flop, Turn and River.

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