How Casinos Spot Fake Chips

The first step in spotting counterfeit chips is to identify them. Casinos are very aware of counterfeiting and try to catch them before they cash out, and they do a lot of surveillance throughout their facilities. Casinos also keep an eye out for suspicious behavior, such as suspicious chips in the stack or cashiers asking questions.

Casino chips have markings on them that are UV-sensitive. They have hallmarks and small logos to help casinos identify them. This makes it easier for casinos to spot fake chips. In addition, counterfeiters can’t simply reprint them and use them in a game.

Casino chips are made of clay and ceramic and represent real money. Because they look similar to real money, counterfeiters are attracted to them. However, it’s not as difficult to create fake chips as it is to create counterfeit bills. Luckily, casinos have special scanning equipment that can detect these chips.

Another key feature that makes casino chips distinguishable is their colour. Real casino chips have specific shades of colours. If you’re looking for a clue about a particular chip’s color, you can compare the chip’s shade with those of other chips in the casino. The difference is a dead giveaway.

The quality of graphics on the chips is also a sign of authenticity. While some counterfeiters are talented at this, there’s no such thing as 100% perfection. Chips that don’t have a logo are instantly considered to be fake. Therefore, when you’re trying to make a bet, make sure the chips have the proper logos.

Using the right security features on the chips is the best way to avoid being scammed. In addition to this, it’s also best to avoid purchasing poker chips online. If you’re interested in playing poker, it’s important to buy chips at the casino. It’s illegal to buy them online.

In 2013, Macau police arrested six mainlanders for counterfeiting chips at the Wynn Macau casino. The gang had used fake gaming chips to cash out more than HK$10,000. The counterfeit chips were detected with a special scanner at the cage. The chips were seized and more than two hundred players had to be refunded.

Counterfeiting casino chips is illegal and highly expensive. As such, casino security measures are extremely complex. Most casino chips have an embedded RFID chip that renders them worthless when stolen. However, in some instances, a chip can be stolen without the RFID tag. This is a dangerous method, so casinos are constantly on the lookout for fake chips.

Casino chips vary in weight and consistency. Some are 11 grams, while others are eight and a half grams. The color of chips also varies. Some chips are made of clay, while others are made from ceramics. The weight of the chip will not be the same from one casino to another, so weight is not a reliable metric to spot fakes.

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