The Best Casino Destinations Around the World

Gambling can be an entertaining and profitable pastime that attracts travelers from around the globe, but choosing an ideal destination for your gambling trip is essential to its success.

There are a number of incredible casinos around the world that provide an unforgettable gambling experience, from fun and luxurious gambling sites.

Las Vegas

The world’s finest casino destinations provide an exciting gambling experience to gamblers of all types. Additionally, these locations make fantastic vacation spots.

Las Vegas is one of the world’s premier casino destinations, and it is easy to see why. Renowned for its casinos, hotels, shows and nightlife – Las Vegas truly stands out.

At any point in time, you can stroll along The Strip – approximately 4.2 miles long and lined with hotels and casinos – or enjoy its array of shopping venues, such as Fashion Show Mall.

Macau stands out amongst other travel destinations and is often known as “Monte Carlo of the East”. Home to several world-class gambling establishments, making Macau one of the premier travel destinations for casino tourists.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City stands out among countless casino destinations as an unparalleled gambling mecca, boasting nine separate casinos that generate an estimated annual gross of $3 billion+ in revenues.

City residents also take pride in its spectacular boardwalk and beach, with soft camel-colored sand that provides ample opportunity for body boarding, boogie boarding, wave jumping, and wave surfing.

Golden Nugget’s casino and hotel feature luxurious modern rooms; however, their location on the marina may make accessing beaches or boardwalk difficult.


Macau is the place to visit if you love gambling and want to test your luck on slot machines, felt tables and more – this autonomous region boasts numerous casinos which draw in gamblers from all around the globe.

City located on China’s south coast and was an overseas Portuguese territory until 1999 when it was made a special administrative region under Chinese sovereignty. Since reunification, peace and prosperity have reigned supreme.

Macau’s economy relies heavily on gambling and tourism; however, the government seeks to diversify this economic base and expand non-gambling tourism as part of a plan for diversifying economic foundations and growth.


Reno, Nevada offers an affordable casino getaway without breaking your budget. Although not as big as Las Vegas, Reno still features numerous casinos and an exciting nightlife scene.

City is an all-year destination, providing year-round recreational activities in four seasons and boasting a vibrant arts and culture scene. Additionally, its breathtaking desert landscapes and world-class skiing make it the ideal winter retreat.

Reno boasts an enticing food and beverage scene beyond gambling, including brewpubs, experimental farm-to-table restaurants, craft distilleries and an eclectic variety of eateries and distilleries that provide something for every palette.

Reno’s revitalized downtown offers plenty of bars and upscale lounges; Irish pubs and intimate Italian restaurants can also be found here.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, the microstate of Monaco, offers world-famous casinos, luxurious hotels, and an idyllic beach – making it the ideal location for gambling enthusiasts while boasting some of the world’s most stunning architecture.

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